Top Iced Tea recipes with Alexa Tea –  Iced tea is generally a beverage for summer days. When we drink iced tea, it refreshes us and provides relief from the heat of the sun. It is very popular worldwide and everyone drinks it regularly in summer. The quality of tea is very crucial in deciding the taste and richness of color in the tea. 

Alexa Tea Company provides the best quality tea in many different flavors. One can use Alexa tea and then make different flavors of Alexa tea. The tea manufacturing company is the most popular tea manufacturer in india. The quality of tea leaves produced helps in making the best quality tea.

Recipes using Alexa tea 

Alexa royal tea is very rich in color and taste. We can use this tea to make iced tea. The flavor of Alexa royal tea with ice cubes and the sweetener of our choice. Using the tea leaves we can put them in the glass and then put some ice over the top. Next will be to put the water and stir it until it mixes completely. Using the stainer we can stain all the tea and then pour it into a cup. this tastes very refreshing and provides a soothing effect in the summer haze.

Ingredients required to make Iced tea 

To make iced tea we need tea leaves or tea powder. Other ingredients include the sweetener of your choice. if you want to have unsweetened tea then don’t go for sweeteners. It depends on how you want your beverage to be. You can add fruits, cold water, lemon, mint, or any other fruit you choose. The main ingredient is small ice cubes. this chills the tea and brings freshness to the body and mind. These beverages are mainly consumed in the summer. these are very good for beating the heat and providing freshness in the summer haze.

You can make different types of iced tea according to your knowledge. Sometimes it’s okay to do experiments. this might bring a new recipe or flavor that tastes better than the original.

If you want to move one step above and want to add an extra flavour to your tea then you can add Alexa masala tea to your beverage. This will make your tea look spicy and much tastier. Alexa Tea has a very good quality and is very rich in taste and aroma. When you add this to the iced tea it makes it thick and looks great while drinking.

Different iced Tea recipes 

We can make different iced tea recipes using Alexa tea as a base ingredient. we can look at some of the recipes we can make.

Alexa Masala Iced Tea 

Masala tea from Alexa is made in the tea gardens of the Himalayas. We can make Alexa masala iced tea by adding the tea leaves to the water. Boil it for 10 minutes and then leave it to cool down. The rich flavor of Alexa tea will bring out the best taste in iced tea. We can add sweeteners and other things according to our own choice. 

Alexa royal iced tea 

Alexa royal tea is made in the tea gardens of Assam and Dooars. The most famous tea is best suited for making iced tea. The light and rich flavor will provide you with the best taste. If we add cloves, ginger, or any other spice then it can become rich in different flavours. The tea becomes healthy and has a light flavor which anyone can have.

Alexa Eliachi Iced tea 

The hand-picked tea from the tea gardens of Darjeeling has a richness of eliachi and other ingredients in it. Using this tea to make iced tea is also a great option. You can add fruits like oranges, lemons, peaches, or any other seasonal fruit which you enjoy the most. 

Alexa gold Iced Tea 

Another recipe that you can make from the Alexa tea is from its gold tea variant. This is one of the best teas from Alexa Tea and has seen a huge demand. You can add this and can bring a rich taste to your iced tea. Add sugar or any other sweetener and you will have the best experience.

You can make it in summer and can also make the flavors for the winter season. It is applicable throughout the year but is mainly consumed in summer.

What is the correct way to make iced tea? 

Boil some water in a pan. boil it till you see bubbles. Now take it out in a jar or pan and then add the choice of tea you want to use. Keep it there until the color of the water becomes rich in color. You will find out that the color becomes yellowish or dark. this will bring the best flavor and will taste best. The next step is to add sweetener or any other ingredient you want to add. Like any fruit or any spice like ginger, cardamon, cloves, or any other. It depends on your choice. Allow it to chill for some time and drink at your preferred temperature. You can also store it in your fridge for 2 to 3 days but it’s recommended to make it fresh and drink it within 2 to three hours of making tea.

Tips to make the best iced tea 

  • Measure the water properly and add the required amount of tea powder or tea leaves to the water. Every ingredient should be added in balance.
  • When you add tea bags or tea in the water then always set a timer. Don’t overdo it and also keep it there for at least 10 minutes.
  • Always use different teas and put different ingredients to have a better and different taste once in a while.
  • Always use the best quality of water. We recommend using filtered water. Never use tap water as it has hard impurities and can change the nature of iced tea. It can become acidic or more basic if we use tap water.
Alexa Tea Company 

All the tea manufacturing is done by experienced professionals and is made keeping in mind the physical and mental health aspects. The tea has ingredients that have medicinal properties and also uses the practices suggested in ancient Ayurveda. Alexa Tea has a vision to produce premium quality tea that provides the best experience to consumers. Rich scents of freshly picked tea are presented to you by expertly balanced combinations of antioxidants, herbs, flowers, fruits, and spices. They have different flavours and if you want to know more about the teas, then you can visit the official website of the Alexa tea company.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q – What type of taste does iced tea have?

A – It depends upon the ingredients you have added. But mainly it has a refreshing taste of the tea you have used in making.

Q – Is drinking iced tea good for health?

A – iced tea is good for health as it has antioxidants and also has medicinal properties. You can avoid refined sugar and can use natural sugar by adding fruits or natural sweeteners. Also, you can add honey to it or go for unsweetened iced tea.

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