Top benefits of Ginger Tea A morning is incomplete without having a cup of Tea. The second most consumed beverage after water is Tea. There are plenty of options, but every tea lover’s wishlist mostly starts with Ginger Tea. Drinking tea is a century-old tradition. Apart from its aromatic flavors, and rich taste, it offers enormous health benefits. It has been used as a medicine for curing many health-related issues.

The most loved and best quality teas are by Alexa Tea. They are the most famous tea makers in India and are known for providing the best quality tea leaves and are the most opted choice for tea goers. In this blog, we will throw some light on the top benefits of having ginger tea regularly for better health and better mood.

Top benefits of Ginger Tea


  • Helps in digesting heavy and oily food easily.
  • Regular consumption helps in forming new digestive enzymes which in turn help in digestion.
  • It also helps in getting rid of Gas and bloating which also hinders the digestion process
  • Having ginger tea, especially in winter can help in dealing with nausea. It has Antiemetic properties.
  • Ginger tea is very good for our stomachs. Bad eating can sometimes stress the stomach, ginger can ease the stomach and can make you feel more relaxed and calm.


  • Ginger has gingerol. It is anti-inflammatory
  • It is also rich in antioxidants. Drinking regular ginger tea helps in decreasing the free radicals in our body.
  • It also helps in reducing joint pains.

Helps boost the immunity

  • It has anti-oxidants.
  • Free radicals damage our cells and can reduce our immunity levels.
  • Gingerol helps in reducing the free radicals and it leads to better immunity.
  • Good digestion contributes to better immunity. Ginger helps in digestion and this can also help in immunity.
  • Stress affects our immunity. Drinking regular tea can lower our stress levels.
  • It has properties that protect against viruses and bacteria. This helps fight against the bacteria which can lower our immunity

Help in weight management

  • It boosts metabolism.
  • A good metabolism can promote weight loss by burning more calories.
  • Ginger can help increase the metabolic rate and the body temperature which helps in weight management
  • Ginger has the properties that can reduce our cravings. It makes us full and helps in less intake of food.
  • It also helps in maintaining the blood sugar levels. Having reduced blood sugar levels can promote weight management
  • It balances our hormones. Hormonal imbalance is one of the reasons for weight gains
  • Low in calories, ginger tea can act as a replacement for beverages that are very high in calorie content.

Stress Reduction

  • As we discussed earlier, due to its anti-inflammatory properties ginger tea can help in reducing stress levels
  • Stress occurs due to higher cortisol levels in our body. Ginger helps in reducing cortisol levels and helps promote happy hormones
  • Always include ginger tea in your daily routine for a good mood and relaxing state of mind.
  • It helps eliminate brain fog. Regulates the proper blood flow in our brain and this can reduce our stress
  • More presence of free radicals can lead to stress and anxiety. The anti-oxidants in gingerol help in tackling and reducing the free radicals in our body thus promoting less stress and anxiety.
  • The fresh aroma and rich taste soothe the mind.

Improves Heart Health

  • It has a positive impact on our heart health.
  • Helps in maintaining the lipid profile.
  • It helps in better blood flow by widening the blood vessels thus allowing blood to pass easily.
  • Maintaining blood pressure is important for good heart health. Ginger tea has the properties to maintain blood pressure levels.
  • Lowering the cortisol levels also improves heart health. Its capability to reduce stress has a very good impact on our cardiovascular system.
  • Its medicinal properties have a positive impact on our cardiovascular system.

Pain relief during Menstrual cycle

  • Menstrual pain is relieved by drinking ginger tea.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties help in the lowering of pain and also regulate the mood
  • Helps in managing the mood swings
  • Sometimes menstrual pain also comes with nausea and bad mood swings. Gingerol has the property to reduce nausea and bad moods.
  • Its warm nature provides relief to the stomach in winter thus relieving the pain

Improves gut health

  • Ginger has many compounds that are very gut-friendly.
  • The gut needs to have plenty of good bacteria to have proper digestion. 
  • Alexa tea which has ginger increases the number of gut bacteria in our stomach and helps reduce the bad bacteria.
  • The presence of more good bacteria in our large intestine will improve our gut and regulate the proper digestion of food at a cellular level.
  • Having a good gut is directly related to a healthy mind. 
Rich in Anti-oxidants
  • The compounds present in ginger are very rich in antioxidants
  •  Antioxidants are very important for the better overall health of our body
  • Including the Alexa Tea can be a good ritual for the betterment of our overall health and mood.
  • More anti-oxidants mean better immunity.
  • Doctors always recommend having ginger tea as it is rich in antioxidants and promotes brain health, cardiovascular health, digestive health, regulating mood, and many other benefits.

Alexa tea is packed with freshly hand-picked tea leaves from the Tea gardens of Darjeeling and is the most favored tea brand in India. The authentic flavors and their rich taste are a remedy for many day-to-day common ailments. When it comes to health we need to adopt a better lifestyle so adding ginger tea to your food menu is a must-have. We have covered some points related to the benefits of having ginger tea daily. Always consult a healthcare professional if you have any pre-existing condition before including anything in your daily routine. Alexa tea is a natural treatment for common daily problems and acts as a replacement for medicines that pose serious health deterioration in the long term.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q – Which tea brand is most famous in India?

A – Alexa tea

Q – which ginger tea is most famous?

A – Teas by Alexa Tea Company.

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