Top Teas To Enjoy In Winters – In winter tea is a popular beverage in the world. There is no better time to drink tea during winter. In winter, a warm cup of tea is the best way to start your day. Hence, Alexa Tea prepares the best teas for winter to keep you warm. Tea helps in preventing the common cold, winter laziness, depression, and aches, and it helps boost metabolism and immunity. Therefore, tea is beneficial during winter so here we provide a list of Top teas to enjoy in Winter.

Top Winter Teas To Keep You Warm This Winter

Winter is associated with hot beverages like tea to keep the body warm from the inside. There is nothing more comfortable than a cup of hot tea during the winter season. Tea has a lot of benefits and becomes a blessing during the winter season. Here we have mentioned a list of the best teas that keep you warm during winter.

Top Winter Teas To Keep You Warm This Winter

Royal Tea

Tea is a very famous drink in winter and for sipping royal tea wear your invisible crown and consume royal tea with grace. Royal tea comes with royal grace and it combines with rich flavors of premium Assam valley-grown teas. In Royal Tea, alluring incense of specially chosen long leaves isfound. It discovers royal essence in your favorite cup of tea.

Gold Tea

Tea has various benefits and gold tea is a unique and perfect mix of taste and colors. It has intense flavors and aromas in every sip of gold tea. Hand-plucked tea leaves and then processed and finely blended for quality and taste. Our tea experts ensure that a cup of gold tea refreshes you with its strong taste and rich flavors.

Masala Tea

Start your morning with a pure natural masala tea that is free from any artificial flavors and colors. In this tea, Alexa Tea uses the most authentic and finest spices to enhance its taste and strong aroma. This spice includes cardamom, clove, and cinnamon. As we know masala tea is a combination of cinnamon and cardamom it is beneficial for our digestive system and provides immunity to our body.

Himalaya Premium Tea

This tea is a collection of rare and finest tea leaves from the foothills of the Himalayas. Alexa Tea brings Himalayan Garden tea to you with an authentic taste. This tea is a combination of fresh aroma, sparkling amber color, and rich flavor.  Masala tea is prepared carefully by selecting the finest tea leaves from the garden. It is made by our experts with the best ingredients and modern technology.

Punjabi Masala Tea

This masala tea is created with an exotic balance of spices and has a rich, strong, and unique Punjabi flavor. Punjabi Masala Tea is an all-time favorite beverage. A hot cup of Punjabi masala tea will serve as your ideal companion to warm your body and calm your stress. Get the real feel of Punjab with Punjabi masala tea.

Ginger Tea

Another option for tea in winter is ginger tea. It is most popular in winter due to its strong ginger taste that can help in treating cough, sore throat, and chest congestion. Ginger also improves immunity, digestion, and blood circulation in our body.

Lavender Tea

Lavender tea has an excellent aroma and it is a natural and effective way to detox and overcome anxiety.  It helps boost your mood during bleak winters, reduces the pain, and helps relieve stress. Lavender Tea is useful for reducing headaches and providing a good night’s sleep.

Hibiscus Rose Black Tea

It is a combination of fine whole-leaf black tea and dried Hibiscus and Rose petals. Hibiscus provides many health benefits and it is a national flower of several countries. It is loved for its sour, lemony taste and bearish flavor and it is useful to cure stomach disorders. Hibiscus is used to reduce high blood pressure and bacterial infections and is also used for weight loss. Furthermore rose petals make this delicious drink that can be served with some honey.

Chamomile Tea

This tea is one of the best tea in winter and is mostly known as the queen of herbal teas. It has calming qualities that are helpful in sleep and makes it an excellent nighttime tea. But Chamomile tea is useful for reducing winter anxiety, and dark circles around your eyes and also reduces inflammation from bug bites. It is an amazing herbal tea and is useful in cough and cold.

Kashmiri Kawa

This tea originated in India and is one of the best winter tea. This tea contains cardamom, cinnamon, and antioxidants that are useful in coughing and provide warmth to your body. Cardamom helps in reducing blood pressure and cinnamon is beneficial for maintaining cholesterol levels. This tea helps treat chronic diseases like cancer and heart. Kashmiri Kawa contains a low-caffeine strong aroma and exotic spices taste. 


Here, we have mentioned the Top teas to enjoy in Winter. Teas are the simplest and most natural method to overcome cold and winter ailments. It helps in reducing depression, laziness, and weak immunity. Alexa Tea always uses authentic and high-quality loose-leaf teas for preparing tea and getting the best result of tea.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1- Who is the popular brand of tea in India?

Answer – Alexa Tea is the most popular brand in India.

Question 2 – Does Alexa Tea provide various varieties of tea?

Answer – Yes Alexa Tea provides various varieties of tea.

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