Top Teas for Every Mood – Tea time is one of the most soothing times of the day; a cup of flavorful warm tea and a good novel is a fantasy too good to be true. Everyone is well aware that tea has its own surprise soothing effects. After a tiring day at work or with a newspaper; you need tea.

Top Teas For Every Mood

Tea does not only give relaxation to your mind and body but it is also used for medicinal purposes and has numerous health benefits. We have brought you a list of all the distinctive types of teas for your every mood. Tired, tensed, or want to sleep or stay awake? We have a tea for that.

The best thing about life is its unpredictability – better things are knocking on your door today, tomorrow could teach you a life lesson; today you are unsatisfied and sad, tomorrow you could be dancing and shedding tears of joy. But, this rollercoaster ride is what makes life a thrilling adventure! Just as life is unpredictable, so are human emotions. We do not have any control over how we feel – the heart desires what it wishes for, the brain works according to its own mind, and our body is always in a distinctive zone. To assist you in getting a perfect balance; presenting you with top teas for every mood.

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Top Teas for Every Mood

1.    Want to wake up? Try Green Tea

Classic green tea has a lot of health benefits. According to Health Line, green tea helps by upgrading brain function to bring down the risk of cancer. But if you feel lethargic and fatigued, the caffeine in green tea will incorporate a significant energy boost without the anxiety that you get from drinking coffee.

2.    Need something calming? Sip Lavender Tea

When you are stressed and your brain is freezing, try drinking a pot of lavender tea to calm your mood.  Herbalists have added the aroma of the purple flower as it has curative properties for centuries. The plant balances your mood and may even help in treating various neurological disorders. Lavender tea acts as an anti-inflammatory and is very good for your digestive system.

3.    Feeling a little blue? Lemongrass Tea is Your Friend

Depression impacts 264 million people worldwide as per the records of the World Health Organization. While the situation definitely requires more than just tea, lemongrass can be a good help factor. In addition to incorporating a light citrusy flavor, research has discovered that lemongrass also can have essential antidepressant properties.

4.    Sleepy? You can always count on Chamomile

To adapt to healthy habits for improving sleep, it is a good habit to drink chamomile tea before bed. The little flower consists of a mild sedative that soothes nerves and cures nightmares, insomnia, and other sleep problems. Chamomile tea comprises antioxidant apigenin which interacts with certain brain receptors that help reduce anxiety and infuse sleep.

5.    Feel Unsettled? Peppermint Tea can work wonders

The life we have today can get hectic and tiresome.  Juggling between work, health, finances, and family, your body becomes lethargic. So when you feel uncomfortable, take a pause and drink some peppermint tea. The herb offers a natural remedy that soothes your nerves. In addition, the menthol in peppermint is an organic muscle relaxant. Peppermint tea also is free of caffeine, making it a perfect option for bedtime.

6.    Need energy? Black Tea is a great pick-me-up

When you feel low and need an instant energy boost, drink some black tea. Black tea comprises 47 milligrams of caffeine for every eight-ounce serving. But black tea is not like coffee. Black tea also consists of L-theanine, an extraordinary amino acid that assists in balancing the impacts of caffeine.

7.    Feeling ill? A ginger honey lemon is a perfect blend for you

Ginger lemon honey is a great medicine when you have a cold or flu. Ginger has a lot of health advantages and is used to cure vomiting, headaches, and more. Honey helps in fighting germs and calms coughs, loose motion, and more. Lemon with the two ingredients helps in digestion and boosts your immune system.

8.    Seeking positivity? Explore the spicy masala chai

Every Indian family is incomplete without drinking the Desi Masala Chai. And if you have ever taken a sip of a homemade cup of chai, you’ll get to know why! Not only does it taste delicious and strong, but it also comes with tons of beneficial properties to elevate your mood. Masala implies a “fusion of spices”. So in one serving you receive all the health benefits of black tea which boosts energy, ginger encourages cognition, black pepper assists in the functioning of the brain, cardamom helps to reduce inflammation, star anise is used for detoxification and cinnamon activates memory. This all depends on the recipe you follow.


Feeling excited? Tensed? Feeling lethargic? Want to experiment? Craving to relax? At Alexa Tea, we comprehend that every mood needs to be pampered with the right attention. To assist in serving a variety of moods, we bring you tea blends that will cater to your moods perfectly.

You can never go wrong with tea, and it has many extraordinary healing properties, making it the best drink for every weather and mood. There’s a reason why tea is regarded as the most popular beverage globally, loved by billions of people regularly.

FAQs on Top Teas for Every Mood
Question1. Which tea brand is the best that caters to your mood?

Answer. Alexa Tea provides a variety of teas to cater to your mood.

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