Top Tea Myths to Not BelieveIt’s pretty obvious to hear age-old, conventional claims around products that, at various times indirectly impact your purchase decisions or your daily life preferences.

Top Tea Myths To Not Believe

The best decision for you as a customer can be to know every information about the product such as the major ingredients or the expiry date and also acknowledge the misapprehensions that are often stated by experts or pundits, which are not always appropriate.

So, Alexa Tea has brought this comprehensive guide that states the top 7 myths related to tea that you should go through.

Top Tea Myths to Not Believe

1.   Tea does not expire

Tea consists of organic ingredients like flavonoids and polyphenols that break down with time.

If you believe that the service life of tea is infinity or 1 year, it’s high time you turn the packet of tea leaves from your kitchen shelf if it’s present there for a time period of more than 6 months.

2.   Black tea has Greater Caffeine amounts than Green tea

Tea Professionals have built categories of tea based on the caffeine content –

Higher Caffeine > Caffeine> Lowest Caffeine

Black Tea > Oolong Tea > Green Tea

These stereotypes are as indefinite as saying distinct food categories have equal organic levels.

Conversely, the prime factor to the distinctive caffeine levels relies on the tea-making process and harvesting, brewing, and steeping methods.

3.   Purchasing cheap tea is right

There is this belief among individuals about tea that it’s not an issue to purchase cheap tea because, at the end of the day, the tea leaves provide us with the desired color and taste.


Maybe you should consider this again here.

There are a lot of particularizations that go around tea and the bigger tea competitors in the market particularly, look after the health factor of their customers.

Apart from a lot of things that they look after, the most important thing is the growing areas of base-quality tea are very large and managed by pesticides to reduce crop collapse.

They are more concentrated on tea safety and guidelines. So, next time you’re again buying a lower-quality tea from the market, think again!

Because health should be your prime concern.

4.   The Quality of Tea can be understood just by sipping it

Although this factor might sound very similar to the aforementioned one but is another famous myth among tea lovers.

Henceforth this distinct mention.

For decades, we have been observing food critics giving their priced remarks on the dishes.

The same validates for professional tea lovers who taste the tea and tell us that the quality, fragrance, and pureness are just perfect at the place and the tea is good to go.

Unfortunately, we start taking into consideration the ‘Taste’ factor while purchasing our tea and we tend to forget that the expertise of professional tasters can only come after a decade-long period of tasting a specific authenticated tea.

So, it’s rationally not suggested to build these standards in our minds.

5.   Tea can reduce hydration levels in your body

Our body always depends on water to get to the maximum content of hydration levels.

Water does fascinations for our body with regards to weight loss, toxin removal, and so on.

But, we overlook caffeinated drinks when it comes to getting the required fluid balance, which is wrong.

It relies on the kind of work we do or our body type- let’s say if we perspire more or

Stand outside under the sun for a long time which impacts the consumption patterns.

The daily drinking of tea might vary depending on the above activities but it doesn’t impact the hydration levels.

6.   Herbal Tea is secure for pregnant women

This myth just implies that if the soil is not dark, it does not consist of any natural matter.

There is often a connection between Herbal Tea and its health advantages.

This is the main aspect why pregnant women switch to herbal teas — but they aren’t all essentially safe.

Herbal Tea is high in caffeine and polyphenols, which do have side impacts when taken extra and can, affect the fetus.

There has to be a calculated amount of consumption that a pregnant woman can only drink after having a word with her doctor.

7.   Green tea reduces fat

This is the biggest myth among the top 7 list –something that everyone has also believed and is still in this belief for quite a long time.

Unfortunately, green tea has been promoted a lot with regards to doing wonders in weight loss.

Of course, it does consist of active stimulants that assist in reducing weight but that just quickens the procedure and it can’t be accelerated to another level if you are consuming let’s say 10 cups of green tea in a day.

Because in that situation, you’re also drinking caffeine at levels that can be harmful to you, particularly if you have a heart condition.

FAQ’s on Top Tea Myths Not to Believe

Q1. What does tea provide to the body?

Answer. Tea is high in polyphenols, which are organic compounds that have health advantages, such as lowering inflammation and assisting in fighting cancer.

Q2. When should you not consume tea?

Answer. Since tea consists of caffeine, it’s best to ignore consuming it after three or four in the afternoon. However, if you’re consuming herbal tea, then there’s no reason you can’t enjoy consuming it all day long.

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