Top Benefits Of Green Tea – Tea is an important beverage in every Indian household. The reason tea is loved so much is because of its medicinal properties, health benefits, recycling usage, and many more.

There are many different types of teas available in the market like herbal teas. Masala teas, ginger teas, and other teas, but the most famous of them is Green tea. Green tea has been advertised by fitness influencers, and celebrities, and recommended by doctors as well. In this blog, we will have a look at the top health benefits of Green tea.

Let’s break down the Chemical Composition of Green Tea


Compounds  % presence in Green Tea 
Fiber 26
Pigments 2
Phenolic compounds 30
Oxidized phenolic compounds§ 0
Minerals 5
Others carbohydrates 7
Amino acids 4
Protein 15
Lipids  7

Top Benefits of Green Tea 

If we develop a routine or habit of having green tea regularly then it will show its benefits, otherwise there is no benefit in having teas once in a while.

Rich in Anti-oxidants

Green Tea is rich in antioxidants which are called catechins. Antioxidants are important for many reasons in our body. They remove the harmful toxins from our body and help in the cleaning process of the body. There are many free radicals inside our body which can cause us serious diseases. Compounds present in green tea fight against them and protect our bodies from getting sick.

Weight Management

Having a cup of green tea regularly for months will help us to reduce our weight. When we drink green tea after every meal, it helps the food to digest quickly and helps in burning fat. Compounds present in green tea are very beneficial for weight-related issues. They also help in increasing the metabolism of our body which further helps in weight management.

Improve Cognitive function

Cognitive functions are related to the brain. This involves reasoning. Learning, knowledge. Having regular green tea can improve these functions. The compounds present in green tea can do wonders in our brains and can help us live a stress-free life.

Prevention from Cancer

The compounds present in green tea can fight against the cancer-causing cells in our body. A survey showed that many countries that have sipped green tea regularly have lower rates of cancer. They might help in the prevention of lung, breast, or liver cancers.

Controls blood sugar level

Green tea is a super beverage to drink. Rich in different compounds that help in controlling our blood sugar levels. Having regular green tea improves our insulin sensitivity. Blood sugar levels need to be moderate or be in the specified range. if blood sugar levels are disturbed then it can lead to an effect on our body in the long term which can be a serious one. Include a cup of green tea in your daily routine after every meal and it will do wonders for your health.

Liver Support

The liver plays a very crucial role in various functions of our body. It needs to be healthy so that our body can function much more effectively. Green teas are rich in antioxidants and other compounds that help our liver to stay healthy. Including green tea regularly can have a very positive impact on liver health.

Increases life Span

Green tea is considered an elixir of life in blue zones in the world. Blue zones are the places in the world where people have a longer average age as compared to other parts of the world. Examples include a village in Japan called Okinawa, Sardinia in Italy, Costa Richa, some places in Greece, etc. The survey was conducted as one of the things they found about the people in blue zones was that they were regularly consuming green teas. It is the biggest example that having green tea regularly can increase your life span. 

Supports dental Health

Green tea can also health in the health of our teeth. Bacteria can damage our teeth. the compounds and the antibacterial properties of green tea can kill bad bacteria improve our teeth and save us from cavities and other diseases. Include Green tea regularly in your diet and after a specific period, you can see positive changes happening in your body.


It’s all about building habits. If one can build good habits it can help them to live a longer and happy life. It’s not only about including green tea in the schedule but also other things like exercising regularly, eating healthy, and forming better and healthier relationships in life. All these things are as important as having green tea. One thing adds to another. If we can do these basics we can live happily, make better decisions in our lives, improve our personalities, and also improve the lives of people in our surroundings.

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