Top 10 Tea Gifts For Tea LoversTea is one of the most popular beverages to have at any time of the day. It’s a go-to choice for everyone. Not only in India but also in other Countries tea is considered as a potion of happiness. There are plenty of reasons why tea is the best hot drink everyone has. Due to its enormous health benefits, calming properties, fresh aroma, deodorizing capabilities, anti-oxidant richness, and many more. Having tea regularly is a century-old tradition in India and other parts of the world.

If you also have a tea lover in your house, you can gift plenty of things to them. One of the options is Alexa Tea. One should include tea in their daily lifestyle as it has huge benefits. Siping Alexa tea is a great idea to start your day because of the freshness it will bring to you and the calmness to the mind to start your day on an energetic note.

Top 10 Tea Gifts For Tea Lovers 

1. Gift hamper of AlexaTea 

One can gift a tea lover a bag full of natural Alexa tea. It has 5 different flavors namely Alexa Tea Royal Tea, Himalaya Garden Tea, Gold Tea, Masala Tea, and Eliachi Tea. Tea leaves are handpicked from the tea gardens of Assam, Darjeeling, Dooars, and the Himalayas. The production process is most efficient and quality raw material is used in the production. This is the best gift as everyone can sit and enjoy a cup of Alexa tea and brew some discussions. Rather than giving a gift that is of no use, we can gift Alexa tea to tea lovers. 

2. Teapot 

Another option is to gift a fancy teapot for tea lovers. A teapot is a mandatory item for a tea lover. A good quality teapot with a medium or large-size stainer is all a tea lover needs. One can easily put the Teapot on a gas burner and enjoy the fresh brew of the leaves. These teapots are compatible with high flames. Brew your Alexa tea in one such teapot and have a blissful experience.

3. Electric tea-pouring kettle 

A tea-pouring electric kettle is also a good option to give as a gift. One can easily prepare tea in the same kettle and can pour it from the same. The kettle should be of top quality. Make sure to buy kettles that have stainers in them. without it, it’s of no use. Brew Alexa Eliachi teas in the kettle and enjoy your evenings.


4. Ceramic Tea Cup 

Never drink tea in an ordinary cup, always go for a ceramic tea cup so that you can feel all the flavors and aromas of the tea. Ceramic cups are recommended for tea. also, mugs made with porcelain are recommended for tea. Some people also use traditional bowls to enjoy their tea. Pour freshly brewed Alexa Himalaya Garden tea into your cup and enjoy the freshness.

5. Temperature-controlled mugs

Temperature-controlled mugs are also a good option for tea lovers. They maintain a certain temperature and do not allow the tea to get cold. These mugs are made of special material and do not allow the heat to go out from the walls of the cup. One can enjoy their cup of tea for a longer period without getting worried about tea getting cold

6. Tea Flavoured Candles

Tea-flavored candles are very common and they can be given as a gift to Tea lovers. The aroma that we feel while having tea is the same as when we light up a candle infused with tea flavors. The compounds present in tea give them a fragrance that can quickly change the mood of the surroundings. 

7. Gift Box

One can never shy away from the fact that if they receive gifts, it makes them feel special and happy. We can gift a box filled with Alexa tea, cups, strainers, etc. A box filled with tea bags of different flavors is the most suitable gift a tea lover can expect. 

8. Wooden storage or crockery

We can also gift tea storage and other storage options to tea lovers. People like to organize their things in a good manner. We can provide fancy storage options that come in wood with other various options. this storage will keep that fresh. it will not lose its flavor. One can easily store their Alexa tea flavors in wooden boxes.

9. Tea set

A tea set consisting of a kettle, beautiful cups, stirrers, and spoons can be a good choice for tea lovers. The feeling of drinking tea in aesthetic and luxury cups enhances the beauty of having tea. One can brew their Alexa gold tea and have it in beautiful and aesthetic cups.

10. Milk frother

Additionally, a milk frother can be a good option for tea lovers. Froth the milk and then add tea bags or leaves to it.. It will give your tea a very good texture. It will provide a creamy texture. The compounds present in the Alexa tea will blend perfectly with the frothed milk and will taste very rich and creamy.


Tea is the best option for tea lovers and Alexa tea has the best flavours. This is a perfect gift to start our morning and end our night with. All other things are add-ons. The freshly hand-picked tea is of top quality and is a choice for every household in india. The company was established over a decade ago and has since worked hard to attain the number one position in the tea production sector.

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