Top 10 Popular Tea Brands in India 2023 Tea is not just a beverage in India; it’s a culture, a tradition, and a way of life. The diversity in flavors, aromas, and types of tea available in India is truly astounding. From the lush hills of Darjeeling to the picturesque landscapes of Assam, tea plantations have been a part of India’s heritage for centuries. In 2023, as the tea industry continues to thrive, let’s explore the top 10 popular tea brands in India that are making waves with their exceptional offerings.

Top 10 Popular Tea Brands in India 2023

Whether you prefer the strong and robust taste of Assam tea or the delicate flavors of Darjeeling tea, there’s a brand for every tea connoisseur. As you embark on your tea-sipping journey in 2023, don’t forget to explore the diverse offerings of these popular tea brands.

Top 10 Popular Tea Brands in India 2023

1. Alexa Tea

Tea, with its myriad flavors and aromas, has the magical ability to transport us to a world of tranquility with each sip. In the realm of tea brands, one name that stands out for its dedication to delivering quality and exquisite flavors is Alexa Tea.

Alexa Tea embraces the rich tradition of tea-making, blending it seamlessly with innovative techniques to create a range of teas that cater to the modern palate. Whether you’re a seasoned tea enthusiast or just beginning to explore the world of tea, Alexa Tea has something special in store for you.

What sets Alexa Tea apart is its meticulous selection of tea leaves. Only the finest tea leaves are chosen, ensuring that every cup of Alexa Tea offers an unforgettable experience. From the moment the leaves are plucked to the final brewing process, the brand’s commitment to excellence is evident.

2. Brooke Bond

Brooke Bond has been a pioneer in the Indian tea market for ages. Their Red Label and Taj Mahal teas are iconic choices for millions of Indians. Brooke Bond’s teas are known for their rich taste and strong aroma, making them an integral part of daily life.

3. Lipton

When it comes to international recognition, Lipton stands tall. Their Yellow Label Tea is a popular choice among tea enthusiasts. Lipton’s commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing has helped maintain its reputation in the Indian market.

4. Twinings

Twinings is another global tea giant that has captured the Indian market with its wide range of herbal and flavored teas. Their Earl Grey and Green Tea variants are particularly popular among health-conscious consumers.

5. Wagh Bakri

Wagh Bakri, a brand deeply rooted in Indian culture, is known for its strong and flavorful teas. The brand’s special masala tea and instant tea premixes have garnered a dedicated following.

6. Typhoo

For health-conscious individuals, Typhoo offers a range of wellness teas. From classic English Breakfast to exotic fruit infusions, Typhoo has tea for every mood and occasion.

7. Goodricke

Goodricke specializes in premium teas sourced from the pristine tea gardens of Darjeeling and Assam. Their Darjeeling tea, in particular, is celebrated for its delicate and nuanced flavors.

8. WaghBakri Tea Lounge

In addition to its packaged teas, WaghBakri Tea Lounge offers a unique tea-drinking experience. With a variety of blends and a cozy ambiance, it’s a go-to place for tea aficionados.

9. Society Tea

Society Tea has been delighting tea lovers with its aromatic and flavorful blends. From classic masala chai to innovative herbal infusions, Society Tea continues to innovate.

10. Red Label

Red Label, a product of Hindustan Unilever Limited, has been a trusted choice for many households. Their natural care and immunity-boosting teas have gained popularity in recent times.


In a country where tea is more than just a beverage, these top 10 tea brands have earned their place in the hearts of millions of Indians. In a world where time seems to rush by, Alexa Tea invites you to slow down, sip, and savor. With a dedication to tradition, innovation, and sustainability, this brand has truly mastered the art of tea-making.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Where is Alexa Tea sourced from?

Alexa Tea sources its tea leaves from various regions known for their exceptional quality, ensuring a diverse range of flavors.

2. Does Alexa Tea offer caffeine-free options?

Yes, Alexa Tea offers caffeine-free herbal and fruit-infused teas for those who prefer a caffeine-free experience.

3. Are there any special brewing instructions for Alexa Tea?

Alexa Tea provides specific brewing instructions on each product to help you achieve the perfect cup every time.

4. Can we pack Alexa Tea sustainably

Absolutely! Alexa Tea is dedicated to environmentally friendly packaging, minimizing its carbon footprint and contributing to a greener planet.

Are there any unique or limited edition teas available from Alexa Tea?

Yes, Alexa Tea occasionally releases limited edition teas, featuring unique blends and flavors for tea enthusiasts to explore and enjoy.

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