Tips To Reuse Old Tea – Tea is one of the most famous beverages to drink all over the world. Tea has many medicinal properties and provides the best experience because of its fresh aroma and rich color. It is consumed everywhere in the world as drinking tea is a century-old tradition in the majority of countries around the world and also in India. 

Tea has a good shelf life if they are manufactured with good practices. If we have old tea then we can drink it also but we can reuse that old tea in many different ways. In the following blog, we will have a look at the different ways by which we can reuse old tea for drinking and also for other purposes. Let’s have a look at some of the ways by which we can do this.

Tips to reuse old tea 

1) Reuse the tea bags 

If you have used tea bags for making tea, then you can also use the same tea bag for making some more cups. Some teas like oolong tea, green tea, and other teas have in them the capacity to brew some more cups. We can make 2 cups with one tea bag as it is very rich in ingredients.

2) Can put used tea bags in shoes or closet 

Once you have used the tea bags, you can dry them and put them inside the smelly shoes or your closet so that they remain fresh and odor-free. The tea bags can ingest all the bad smells and can make it fresh. 

3) Leaves as fertilizer 

Utilize tea leaves as fertilizers in your garden or for the plants in your house. They can act as food for the soil and make it rich in ingredients. The leaves must be dried in sunlight before infusing into the soil. When tea leaves are dry we can crush them into much smaller sizes and then add them. This helps the leaves to spread evenly throughout the area. When we put the tea in the soil, this helps to grow better quality plants.

4) Bathing 

One can also use the leftover tea for bathing. Tea has antioxidants that can enrich the water. we can use that water for bathing. This can help in providing better skin and can also help against skin infection. This also helps get rid of bad body odor and can help get away with sweaty arms or feet.

5) Used as a cleaner 

The damped tea bags can be used as cleaners. We can rub them against the mirrors, walls, floors, shelves, and smelly closets. They have in them the ingredients that can clean the surfaces effectively. Utilize them to scrub away old spots or dirt in the house, offering both effective cleaning and a pleasant odor.

6) Use to clean feet 

Use tea bags to clean your feet. Sometimes the dirt on the feet can cause the skin to become black. This black area is dirt which we can clean from the tea water. We can use the tea water and scrub the surface by applying the tea-infused water. This not only cleans the feet but also makes them fresh and less sweaty.

7) Use for hair 

The tea is rich in antioxidants and this can help us in providing shine and strength to the hair. We can use the tea as a conditioner after shampooing. The tea is rich in substances that can provide a shine to our hair and also make it healthy. Properly brew the used tea and then store the water in a bottle. This further can be used and applied to hair. 

8) Used as room fresheners 

Use used tea leaves and tea bags as room fresheners. As we talked about earlier tea can ingest bad odor and can freshen up the air, we can use tea bags as air fresheners in our house, in bathrooms, in rooms, shoe closets, and other areas where foul smells can reside. We can store the used tea leaves in a bag dry them and put them inside a bag so that it can easily absorb the bad smell. We can also put the dry tea leaves in scented air fresheners and this can used as a room freshener infused with tea leaves.

9) Use in DIY Projects 

The used tea leaves can be good for making healthy soaps. We can also make soap solutions and can also use them while bathing. Also can use the dry leaves to make imprints and designs on the wall or drawings. We can make paintings with them as well.

10) Can be used on the face 

We can reduce the puffy eyes, spots, or dark circles by applying the tea bags to these areas. This will clean the skin and provide nutrients to the skin that can make it look cleaner and brighter. There are many tea-infused facewashes and other creams on the market that are very healthy for the skin.

Alexa Tea 

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