The Dos and Don’ts of Tea DrinkingThere is no specific time for drinking tea. Generally, tea has an alliance with mornings. Tea has gained the position as the second most popular drinking beverage globally after water as the majority of people around the world begin their morning with a cup of it. Tea replacements have substantially elevated with time, differing from green tea and black tea to a range of herbal teas.

The Dos and Don'ts of Tea Drinking

Famous green tea helps to reduce weight if black tea controls the need to snack. Herbal tea helps eliminate fever and fights infections while leveraging immunity. The various advantages of drinking tea, in general, involve rising energy, shielding heart health, reducing cholesterol, and helping with weight loss. However, drinking too much tea can lessen nutrient absorption, increase anxiety, damage sleep, and lead to heartburn. Realizing the importance of when to consume tea is equally significant, and you should neglect drinking it with your big meals. Strong tea should not be taken on an empty stomach.

Consuming tea is not a science, right? So why would you want someone to explain to you how to do it? The consumption of tea, one of the good habits of mankind, is comprised of history, significance, and complexity; so, yes, there are certain ways you can go wrong when consuming tea.

The Alexa Tea team has researched the Dos and Don’ts of tea drinking and has brought to you a guide that will help you better realize the tradition of consuming tea and get the most out of this healthy and flavorful tradition.

The Do’s of Tea Drinking

Let’s have a look at the dos of tea drinking –

1.    Choose a Quality Tea

It is your wish what type of tea you wish to buy. Choosing top-notch quality teas helps you maintain a healthy and flavorful habit. You can purchase low-quality teabags from any store these days, but you will definitely not get the same advantages as you would from consuming proper tea. Those low-cost bags are usually not very robust or organic, so it is best to spend a little more time on a high-quality product.

2.    Drink Green Tea

Green tea is very beneficial for your body. Having a few cups regularly will provide you with more energy, eliminate the chance of weight gain, assist your brain in working better, and guide your body to carry out heavier tasks. Since green tea will charge you with a bit of energy, it is best to consume it in the first half of your day. The same is applicable to black tea.

3.    Feel and Enjoy your Tea

Consuming tea is an extraordinary experience, and you can make this routine a daily habit to relax and calm your mind and body a little. So spend a special teatime while drinking tea, get your mind to read a few passages from your favorite book, or have a chit-chat over tea with a dear friend. Whatever you wish to do, don’t consume it the way you drink water in just a few seconds.

4.    Keep your Tea in Tea or Porcelain Containers

In order to continue the perfect taste and flavor of the tea for a long time, you should keep your tea in porcelain or tin jars. The same goes for the mug, only make use of the container for tea. You can achieve the benefits of this little rule and go out fetching cute containers to suit your kitchen interior.

The Don’ts of Tea Drinking

Let’s discuss the don’ts of tea drinking –

1.    Drinking Tea Right after the Meal

Most people have this habit of drinking tea after breakfast or lunch and end up feeling unpleasant and nauseous. Even if you do not go through discomfort, the proteins from your food are not properly absorbed by your body when you consume tea right after your meal. So it is advised to maintain a gap of at least 20-30 minutes.

2.    Be Careful, It’s Hot!

Another error people make while consuming tea is drinking it when it is terribly hot. At such a high temperature you will never be able to enjoy the real flavors of tea and end up hurting your throat or stomach. So be a little patient and take time to drink your tea.

3.    Never Drink Tea with Pills

Some people benefit from their tea-drinking routine to consume their daily medicine. You should keep in mind that consuming pills with anything other than water is not at all beneficial, since the medicine will not be appropriately absorbed by your body. Do not forget the negative reactions caused by a pills-tea infusion that can occur.

4.    Don’t Add Honey to Hot Tea

Honey has a lot of benefits more than sugar. So most of us use it with our tea, but it is suggested not to add honey to a cup of hot tea, as you will only receive the sweetness, without the advantages of honey. Experts say that at a high temperature, the honey fails to retain its miraculous elements, leaving only the sweet taste. So if you want to consume honey with your tea, keep this aspect in mind.


Tea has a lot of benefits when consumed at a proper time, keeping in mind all the factors that do not need to be done. Tea fixes all kinds of mood swings. Whether you are lethargic or feeling low, Tea has solutions to all your problems. At Alexa Tea, we understand the importance of teas that will be beneficial for your health. To assist in providing you with the dos and don’ts of tea drinking, we bring you this blog that will help you drink tea perfectly.

 FAQs on The Dos and Don’ts of Tea Drinking
Question1.  Can I drink tea right after my meal?

Answer. No, you cannot drink right after your meal as it makes you feel unpleasant and nauseous.

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