Sip Away the Winter Blues: Cozy Tea Remedies for Cold Days After water, Tea is the most popular choice of beverage among the world’s population. India after China produces the most amount of tea in the whole world. Do you know why people drink so much tea? It’s because of its hot, warm, and medicinal offerings. Almost every Indian household starts and ends its day with a cup of freshly prepared tea.

Tea has been given the title of “the elixir of life” in the Indian community. It also acts as a shield against the bacteria which causes seasonal flu. Tea is an inseparable part of our daily routine. Alexa Tea company has been producing the best quality tea in India. With 30+ years of experience in tea production, Alexa Tea Company has become a daily choice for tea lovers. From households to hotels, tea shops to restaurants, Alexa tea has become a go-to choice for everybody.

The different types of Tea by Alexa Tea Company and the remedies they provide.

People prefer tea every time to other hot beverages because drinking tea is a century-old tradition. In older times main beverage was tea. We have inherited this tea-drinking habit from our ancestors. Also due to its healing properties people prefer tea over soups. The winter season comes with colds, flu, sore throat, cough, problems in breathing, stiffness in joints, seasonal sadness, and many others. Tea in general has many healing ingredients packed into itself, which answers these common ailments. This Tea company has different Tea products which act as a medicine for all ailments.

Alexa Masala Tea

Alexa Masala Tea, made with a blend of cardamom, clove, and cinnamon, is best recommended for the morning. It has the healing power to cure colds, flu, digestive issues, stress, and anxiety. A morning sip of tea can provide a soothing effect. It can act as a stress buster in a hectic busy schedule. All those who feel they have the same issues can opt for Alexa masala tea. Hand-picked from the estates of Assam with the essence of Indian spices can be a suitable option for tea lovers.

Alexa Elaichi Tea

Another great option for tea lovers is Alexa Elaichi tea. Straight from- the gardens of Darjeeling, and packed with organic Indian spices can be a go-to option in depressing winter smog. Alexa elaichi tea also helps to improve the digestion process. The gut bacteria, digestive enzymes that help in digestion die due to unhealthy eating. Elaichi tea helps in the production of enzymes and improves our digestive health. The fresh aroma of cardamom reportedly releases happy hormones in our brains, thereby reducing anxiety. Investing in Alexa Elaichi tea is like investing in your health which will surely decrease your daily clinic visits.

Punjabi Masala Tea

Foggy mornings with little to no sunlight and temperature dropping every day add to our existing list of day-to-day worries. Stiffness in joints and inflammation are the most common problems in the winter season. This occurs because of our lifestyle, we barely involve ourselves in physical activities which has taken a hit on our joint and muscle health. With the busy schedule, it’s almost impossible to get time for working out but we can get time to sip a cup of Punjabi Masala tea.

Packed from the tea gardens of Assam with the main ingredients being cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and cardamom. this variant of Alexa Masala tea is best suited for relieving stiffness in joints and has anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric is made up of an ayurvedic herb called curcumin which has anti-inflammatory properties and helps in relieving stiffness in our body, mainly our leg joints, and arms. The best option available in the market is Punjabi Masala Tea from Alexa Tea Company. Affordable and 100% organic, don’t wait for another second, go and buy this new popular tea variant which has nowadays become the choice of every tea lover in the country.

Alexa Royal Tea

We have often experienced in our daily routine that some days are energetic and some days are very low and tired. Why is this? On days we have the energy to climb a mountain and some days we barely can’t get out of bed. The main reason according to studies and research has come out to be sleep. Disturbed sleep will prevent us from focusing on our actions and delivering quality in life.

Drinking a cup of tea filled with ginger, cardamon, and cinnamon, at bedtime helps in better sleep. Alexa Royal tea which comes straight from the tea capital of Assam and dooars in West Bengal is packed with Indian spices that have the best aroma which no tea lover has ever experienced till now. Having a cup daily will regulate your mood and will help with better sleep. So for better sleep, and to experience the best aroma of spices, to get away from nausea, headache, and chest congestion, the Alexa royal tea will be the best option, and every Indian household is surely incomplete without it.

Alexa Gold Tea

Just like music is for the soul, tea is for the mind and body. Alexa Tea company is taking care of the mind and body by producing the best and most affordable teas ever made. The most loved tea by everyone is Alexa gold tea. Coming straight from the Himalayan tea gardens of India which have a blend of quality spices, and richness in color, this gold tea has the best tea leaf quality and is best for winter blues and other respiratory issues like cold, nausea, and heaviness in the chest.

Because of its production at the high altitude, its making is slower, and in turn, it has inherited all the qualities of soil, weather, and other important factors responsible for the Tea production completely and effectively. The aroma of the tea leaves and their warm nature have been the remedy for, bad sleep, and better digestion, have antioxidants that help to reduce free radicals in our body. Makes you feel more energetic in the morning. With Alexa Gold Tea we can make our daily life more relaxing and happier and worth living. 

Alexa Himalaya Garden Tea

The next on the list is Alexa Himalaya Garden Tea. The best and most experienced tea makers produce a blend rich in antioxidants, cinnamon, cardamom, and other ingredients, hand-picked from the tea gardens in the Himalayas, and it is rich in medicinal properties. Drinking regularly will help to manage weight issues, digestive problems, stress, and anxiety, Heart health will improve,  will become more alert in daily important tasks. Warm and smooth in taste with a rich color this tea is by far the most preferred beverage in every household. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Which is the most loved tea brand in India?

A – Alexa tea is the most loved brand in India

Q – How many tea variants do they offer?

A – They have 6 types of different Tea products, which are the best and most affordable.


The teas listed above are made by professional tea makers and do not compromise on quality. No wrong practices have been used to process the tea leaves making them more healthy and whole. With its unique flavors, Alexa tea has booked its place in the heart of every tea lover in India. One of the top brands in the country, It is trusted for maintaining its quality, maintaining its taste, and authenticity.

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