How Long Does Tea Last For– Tea is the most favorite beverage worldwide. It’s been here for centuries and everyone likes to have a cup to refresh their mood. Tea, besides its taste, has an aromatic smell and medicinal properties. It has been used as medicine for decades to cure various throat-related, stomach, and nose-related diseases. 

India is one of the topmost consumers of tea. They also produce the best quality tea in the whole world. We can use tea for months if we have stored it perfectly. Some teas can also remain fresh for year long period and improve in quality with every day passing. 

 Who were the founders of Tea?

Tea originated in China. Centuries ago, an emperor accidentally found the tea when leaves fell into his cup of warm water. From there onwards tea came into the picture. Then in today’s world, we have different flavors of tea. Every country has its unique flavor and aroma and tastes very refreshing.

India has many different types of teas available in the market and are rich in taste and aroma. Alexa Tea has been the best tea-producing company in india and has been producing tea for over a decade now. We will look at some of the teas produced by Alexa Tea Company and highlight some of their key features.

Tea Leaves a Life cycle 

The shelf life of tea depends on various factors. The quality of seed used, how much water is given to the plant, weather conditions, and many more. Also, the way it is planted and then plucked plays a vital role in the quality of tea and its shelf life. The tea has a lifespan of months to years. Some teas stay drinkable until 6 months and some may be up to years. these include pur-eh tea and some herbal teas that last for months. From tea Gardens to house shelves tea remains fresh if we store them in an air-tight container.

What can affect tea quality and shelf life?

Various factors affect the shelf life of tea when the tea is not produced in tested and recommended ways. If the teas are exposed to sunlight for more time then it can deteriorate. If it is exposed to air and also planted in an atmosphere where the weather is humid then it can reduce the shelf life and quality of tea leaves. Also if you do not store the tea properly it can reduce the shelf life and its freshness.

The time of year or day when tea leaves are harvested has an impact on their quality as well. Since they are still fresh and contain more nutrients, the undeveloped leaves are harvested. In comparison to tiny leaves, larger and older leaves are of inferior quality and have a stronger flavor. 

For further processing, the tea plant’s buds and uppermost leaves are frequently removed. This portion of the plant is full of various oils, antioxidants, and health-promoting substances. Selecting the wrong leaves to harvest will have an impact on the finished product’s quality. 

What are the symptoms of tea deterioration?

You can surely tell right away by looking at the tea leaves if they are fresh or not. When you smell the leaves then if it smells bad it’s a sign that it’s deteriorating. When you prepare tea and it does not show any aroma or feel or richness in color then it’s a sign that the tea has lost it quality and charm.

If you’re worried about your tea, start by inspecting the tea package, the insides of tea bags, and the bottom of tea tins or tea boxes for loose-leaf tea. It may be difficult to spot mold on tea leaves at first if you’re not looking for it. Remove a scoop of your loose tea and examine them on a plate or napkin if you suspect mold growth.

How to extend the Tea shelflife

Use an airtight container 

Whenever you want to store tea, always store it in a tight container. if you will use a container that is not airtight this can cause tea leaves to lose their quality. It can come in contact with the air and can cause moisture to degrade the quality of tea. 

Keep away from sunlight 

Harmful UV rays can cause the tea to lose its touch if you store it in direct sunlight. The UV rays from the sun are harmful and can take away all the freshness, rich color, aroma, and medicinal properties of tea. Always store the tea in a drawer or in a place that is away from the direct sunlight. Don’t store it near the windows or other areas where there are chances of sunlight exposure.

Separate Tea Container 

Always use a Separate tea container. In our household, we have different types of tea like herbal tea, green tea, masala tea, chamomile tea, and many others. Each tea has its unique properties and aroma. It is always better to store them in separate containers so they do not get mixed. this can also degrade the quality of tea if mixed with other teas.

Dry Containers 

Always store tea in Dry Containers so that it does not get wet. Tea should be always dry so that it does not deteriorate with time. Always use the fresh containers wash them properly and dry it thoroughly before using.

Alexa Tea 

They are the company that manufactures the highest-quality tea. The finest tea producers in the nation produce the variety of teas offered by the organization. The teas are hand-picked fresh from West Bengal’s tea gardens in Darjeeling and Dooars. The Alexa Tea Company offers five different types of teas: Punjabi Masala Tea, Alexa Gold Tea, Alexa Himalaya Garden Tea, Alexa Masala Tea, and Alexa Royal Teas. The company is well-known because of its delicious teas, which are enjoyed by all households. 

Frequently Asked Question 

Q which company produces the best quality tea?

A . The best tea is produced by Alexa Tea company.

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