How Does Tea Plucking Affect The Tea QualityEveryone starts their morning with a cup of hot tea. almost every household consumes tea around the world mainly in cold areas. Better tea quality helps in start our day on a better note. The procedure of tea production is the most important. From planting the tea leaves to packing the tea in the tea bags and sending it to the wholesalers, shops, malls, etc, every step is crucial and decides the quality of the tea. 

The tea production process involves many steps. Harvesting or plucking the tea leaves for the next process is the most crucial step and requires a professional to perform it. We will look at how tea plucking affects the tea quality and then will discuss the correct methods of tea plucking.

What is Tea Plucking?

Tea plucking is the process of detaching the tea leaves from the tea plant. After further processing, manufacturers ship the tea leaves to consumers. Picking up the right tea leaves is a crucial step. Many things matter when we pluck the tea leaves. The timing, weather, and many other things. we will discuss this in brief and will have a look at how using the wrong practices for tea plucking can affect the quality of tea.

How does Tea plucking affect the tea quality?

  • Whenever the harvesting season arrives, the harvester needs to pick only the soft and young leaves. Tea plants have different leaves with different sizes. the workers should pluck the leaves that appear small in size. They are high in quality. 
  • Workers often pluck the topmost leaves and buds from the tea plant for further processing. This part of the plant is rich in many different oils, antioxidants, and compounds that benefit our mind and body. Choosing the incorrect leaves for harvesting will affect the quality of the final product.
  • The time of year or day when tea leaves are plucked significantly influences the quality. Pluckers harvest young leaves for their higher nutrient content and youthfulness. Bigger and older leaves have a strong flavor and are lower in quality than the smaller ones.
  • We all know that tea leaves are rich in nutrients which are very important for our body. The fragrance of the tea is its USP. If we pluck the tea leaves early means the leaves are small in size. This implies they will have a rich aromatic fragrance compared to the bigger leaves.
  • Tea leaves contain many chemical compounds that enhance the quality of the tea. They have catechins and other important chemicals that can be beneficial for us. The small leaves have more presence of these compounds as compared to the large leaves.
  • Exposing the tea leaves to air is also another factor. They should be exposed at the right time so that they can enhance their quality. Early exposure or delayed exposure can demean the quality of the tea produced.

Other Factors Affecting The Quality of Tea

  • The time during the year when tea is plucked is crucial, and tea producers mainly harvest or produce tea in moderate climates. Not too hot and not too cold. 
  • Water is also a crucial decider in the quality. During the production, the water used to sprinkle on the tea leaves should be of good quality. Low-quality water with harsh chemicals may affect the tea.
  • The method of tea plucking is also important. There are different ways to do so. One can use the machines to pluck, plucking tools, or can use the hands also. Cost varies in different techniques used. One can use any of the listed methods according to their affordability. Tea producers mainly use the hand-plucking method to ensure better quality.
  • Also, the time between plucking the leaves matters. If the harvester takes more time between two conductive plucks then it decreases the quality of the leaves. So the time interval between the tea plucking should be low so that it retains its aroma and flavours. 
  • Experienced tea pluckers should possess the skill of properly harvesting the tea. Tea is superior when plucked in a certain way. The process of tearing the leaves from the plant should be very gentle. Minimum pressure should be applied. Applying more pressure can cause the bud to be damaged. Only the experienced should be chosen.
  • The production height of teas also impacts the quality of the tea. The tea produced at the higher altitude is better as compared to the tea grown near the sea level.
  • Tea harvesting involves mainly fine and coarse plucking techniques. In fine plucking, pickers pluck only the fresh and new leaves, while in coarse plucking, they harvest old and not-so-fresh leaves.. Harvester easily identifies the difference between leaves and plucks accordingly.


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