First Flush vs Second Flush Tea – If you are a tea lover or enthusiast, then you have often heard of the debate between First Flush and Second Flush Tea. What do these terms mean? To learn more about the flushes of teas, dive into the world of  First Flush vs Second Flush tea, where each harvest brings its unique story. This blog highlights some tips and differences between these two esteemed tea flushes. 

First Flush vs Second Flush Tea

So let’s start with this blog, you know first tea connoisseurs worldwide highly prize flush teas. This is quite expensive due to their limited availability and high demand. First flush teas are sold as loose-leaf teas that can be brewed using traditional methods such as steeping in hot water for several minutes. The interesting part about  First Flush vs Second Flush teas is that it goes down to the basics of tea farming, so let’s discuss the seasonality of the teas and try to evaluate them. Why can teas taste different at different times of the year? To know more about these, firstly we must understand what a Flush is.

What Is a Flush?

In simple words, flush is when new leaves appear on the tea bush following a period of dormancy. Simply we can say that flush refers to the harvesting of tea leaves. The harvesting of tea leaves usually occurs twice a year, once in springtime, and again in summer. In this blog we reveal how their distinct harvesting seasons uniquely influence their flavor profiles and aromas, shaping the tea experience.

What are the Types of Flushes?

Flushes are generally referred to as the harvesting of tea leaves at different points in the year and we mention some terms like first flush and second flush. There are three main types of flushes here we mention all of three:

First Flush – In this the harvesting of tea leaves starts from late winter or early spring.

Second Flush – In this the harvesting of tea leaves starts in June or July and is sometimes called the Summer flush.

Autumn Flush – The harvesting period of the year, the autumn flush, happened in October and November.

First Flush 2024 Teas

Tea leaves are harvested at different points in the year and the first harvesting time is spring and the second is summer. First, flush tea is also known as the “Champagne of Teas” and these are the first pickings of the tea planter’s harvest season. The unique and different climate conditions of the Himalayan foothills combined with the fresh vitality of the new leaves, contribute to the different character of the first Flush Tea. These teas are often classified by their types such as white, green, or black teas.

The first flush tea picks up the brand-new two leaves and a bud in the earliest spring growth of the plant. This harvesting of tea leaves starts in early February and often lasts through April and early leaves are usually more delicate and tender. Therefore these tea leaves are more light, floral, fresh, brisk, and astringent in flavor. To protect and preserve first flush tea leaves, teas are generally less oxidized and may appear more greenish than a typical black tea. It is the most expensive tea on the market, and it is so special and expensive that tea connoisseurs consider the first harvest from this region to be the “Champagne of teas”.

Second Flush 2024 Teas

The second flush of harvesting tea leaves starts in summer so we can say that it is a product of early summer. This season tea is considerably darker compared to the first flush and it looks like a typical black tea. These tea leaves are dark brown and gray and a cup of second flush tea appears dark amber. These tea leaves are picked between May to June and are characterized as well-rounded, fruity mature, flavored tea leaves. The taste of these leaves is less astringent and more improved than the first flush. It has a muscatel character and the liquid of this tea is brighter. A cup of this tea goes perfectly with raspberries or scones and other delicacies. 

First Flush vs Second Flush Tea

Let’s dive into the detailed information and difference between first flush and second flush of teas. In this section of our blog, we explore First Flush vs Second Flush Tea:

Characteristics  First Flush Tea Second Flush Tea
Harvest Season This tea is harvested in the Spring season so it is also called “spring flush”. The harvesting of these tea leaves starts in the summer months typically from late May to Early June
Leaf Characteristics These tea leaves are available in light quantities and are delicate as compared to others. The second tea leaves are more mature than the first tea leaves, and darker, and slightly thicker in texture.
Aroma The aroma of these tea leaves is grassy and fresh which is often accompanied by floral notes. They capture an aroma of spring, evoking a sense of renewal and awakening. These tea leaves are known for their bold and musky aroma which is often accompanied by fruity and sometimes even spicy notes.
Liquor Appearance and Flavors The liquor of first flush tea leaves is light in color, with a pale, almost translucent appearance.  The liquid produced from second-flush tea leaves is darker in color, with a rich amber hue. The flavor of this tea is robust, full-bodied, and complex. 
Overall Character These teas are elegant and refreshing and are reminiscent of the rejuvenation of nature in the spring. This will make them an ideal choice for those who are seeking a tea that is light and bright, invigorating. These teas are often described as bold and satisfying tea and offer a heartily rich tea-drinking experience. This will make them a favorite among those who are tea lovers.


Our article briefly touches upon the disparities between teas, even the ones between teas that are of the same type. In our article, we mention some best tips that differentiate between First Flush vs Second Flush Tea. We hope this is beneficial for you and makes your search easy so what are you waiting for, order it immediately from Alexa Tea and choose between the first and second flush tea.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question 1 – Who is the leading manufacturer of First and second-flush teas?

Answer – Alexa Tea is the leading manufacturer of First and second-flush teas.

Question 2 – What is the other name of the second flush?

Answer – The second flush tea is also known as summer tea because its harvest occurs in June or July.

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